Coco Lite by VQ is quite simply the must-have handbag accessory of the year. Keeping you looking great with dual mirrors & LED vanity rim, but also, keeping your Phone, Tablet or any other smart device powered up too.
As low as £29.99

What the designers say

“Where’s the fun in looking great if you can’t tell anyone about it or at least share the perfect selfie, the opportunity to create a simple yet incredibly useful multi-functional product like Coco Lite was too good to miss out on”

- Jonathan Merricks CEO & Creative Director

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The sleek multi-functional design of Coco Lite will help to keep you and your devices on point. Coco Lite is your perfect compact with dual 3” edge to edge distortion free mirrors, offering a standard and magnified (3x magnification) lens to complete your look and view fine detail. Coco Lite also features an LED Vanity Rim with a ring of powerful daylight LEDs providing even and natural lighting for a colour perfect look.

Coco Lite is more than your average compact mirror though, as the built-in universal power bank proves. The power bank supports universal charging, so you can connect almost any device, from Apple to Android and a range of other phones, tablets and smart devices. You can simply connect your own charge cable to the USB port or use the handy dual Apple Lightning and Micro USB cable, included. Best of all, if your device supports fast charging, Coco Lite can recharge your device in as little as 45 minutes.

As you’ve come to expect Coco Lite is designed and engineered by VQ in the UK with advanced smart safety features including; intelligent heat management and auto shut off. Coco Lite is available in a choice of designer prints, so there is something to suit every style and comes presented in gift packaging.

VQ is shortlisted for the Sound & Vision Brand of the Year 2019 by Which? - in the nomination announcement Which? highlighted not only our great product performance in reviews over the past year but also our commitment to customer support with our team working 7 days a week to simply make consumers lives easier.

Key Features

  • Dual Compact Mirror
  • Illuminating Vanity Rim with Daylight LEDs
  • 3,000mAh Powerbank
  • Universal USB Output with Dual Cable Included
  • Fast Charging Technology
  • Advanced Safety and Heat Management Settings
  • Distortion Free Edge-to-Edge Mirrors
  • Standard and x3 Magnified Mirror
  • 4x Charge Status Lights
Battery Capacity 3,000mAh
Input Power 5V / 2.1A (via Micro USB)
Output Power 5v / 2.1A Fast Charging (via USB Port)
Output Connection USB Port, supplied with Dual Apple Lightning & Micro USB Cable or can charge via users own cable.
Battery Type Lithium Polymer
Battery Life Over 1,000 Cycles
Battery Charge Time 2 – 3 Hours
Mirrors Dual 3” Lens – Standard and 3x Magnified
Vanity Rim Daylight LEDs
Status Lights 4 Stage LEDs
Dimensions (mm) – WxHxD 91 x 18 x 91
Weight (Kg) 0.12
Compatible Products Universal USB Output – supplied cable supports Apple Lightning and Micro USB device charging, but with users own cable can support any device, including USB-C.
EAN Code Emma Bridgewater | Pink Hearts – 5060470532871, Polka Dot – 5060470532888, Rose & Bee – 5060470532895
Lulu Guinness | Winking Doll–5060470532901
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